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Joint Pain

Joint Pain: A take-away of flexibility

Are your joints hurting? Have you narrowed down all your physical potentials? If yes, then you are suffering from the Arthralgia or joint pain. Joints play a major role in flexible movement. Due to these joints, a human is multitasking and can perform day to day activities without any difficulties.

Each bone of human body have joints such as legs have knee joint, arms have elbow joint etc. If these joints start hurting due any reason the person may not be able to perform his daily task with maximum potential.

Joint can affect more than one joint in the body. It can be due to the injury which is making suffer ligaments, bursae, or tendons which are near to the joint. Ligaments, cartilage and bones in the joints are also affected by the joint pain. Whatever may be the cause of joint pain, but the pain is very bothersome.

Joint Pain Treatment

Physiotherapy Treatments: Breaking stiffness in the joints

We have well experienced experts to treat joint pains. Your visit to our clinic will make you confident that the experts are blessed with full knowledge about the pain. The treatments will begin with the enquiring about the pain such as:

  • Which joint which hurts? Pain one sided or on both the sides?
  • When did the pain started?
  • Is pain constant, sudden and severe or slow and mild?
  • Any illness or fever?
  • Any sensation?
  • Did any medication worked?
  • When stiffness is felt?

All these symptoms are necessary to zero down on the cause of joint pain. As the joint can be due to rheumatoid arthritis, gout, many infectious diseases, tendonitis etc. Our therapists analyze all these symptoms to reach the conclusions and then begin with the therapy sessions. Our treatments are harmless and trusted that are offered in effective rates.

KP center is not just a clinic for a patient, its one of the most patient oriented center across. The staff is so very involved in all the exercises that lead to a speedy recovery & not a conventional center for money making with more n more sittings!!!

Its my personal experience!!

Karan Rishi
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