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Physiotherapy exercises

Rehabilitation of Illness and Disorders through Exercise

Medicine is not just the way to cure illness but regular exercises can get back the normal condition. Khurana Physiotherapy Center's experts have strong belief in their specializations that therapeutic treatment of doing physical exercises and other related activities act as catalyst to elevate the health with proper functioning of the organs.

physiotherapy exercises

Therapy Sessions: Restore Body

As a part of physiotherapy, our experienced experts study the body condition of the patients that include posture, body balance and normal movement. Knowledge about the disease, injuries and required treatment are thoroughly discussed.

Physiotherapists help the patient to recover and regain the normal conditions. Our experts have deep understanding of the muscles, bones and nerves. Evaluation, diagnose and treatment of the patient's illness, injury and complications are their prime duties. Proper care is taken in adopting the measures and techniques for correcting the complications.

We are unit of specialist who are from different physiotherapy fields like Neurology, Pediatrics, Cardiology and Orthopedics. Patients' problems are listened and accordingly the specialists undertake their responsibilities for the rehabilitations. As a part of sessions various techniques such as heat radiation, water therapy, massages, wax bath, diathermy, traction and ice therapy are embraced. Besides, treatment of the patient is also done by ultrasound techniques, acupunctures and electrical stimulations.

Individual's history and records are maintained which portrays the day by day progress. Therapist also suggests the way of walking, sitting, sleeping in apt positions that have to be followed by the patient apart from sessions.

Our experts feel happy when the patients are fully cured and revived with new energies. Physiotherapy exercises results are fruitful and can bring realistic hope in life.

Khurana Physiotherapy center services are excellent in my opinion.
Equipment and Dr. Khurana Knowledge and experience is as goods as any top Physiotherapist in the field.
I have recovered very fast from sprain injury by his advice and exercise sessions.

Nitin Batta
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