Our Patient SaysI just want to express my gratitude to Khurana Physiotherapy Clinic and Dr. Hitesh Khurana for his hard work; care and determination for getting me back on track post my knee fracture operation in September ‘06. His patience and positive attitude helped me to overcome frustrating process post surgery. He was very patient in listening to my problems and provided me solutions. He took the time to do thorough, careful and thoughtful exam, listened and asked the right questions. It’s because of Dr. Hitesh skills and wealth of knowledge I was able to achieve my goals.  With some simple and innovative exercises, I was able to gain strength and flexibility in my knee. I now go for cycling and sometimes jogging.

The atmosphere in Khurana Physiotherapy Clinic is pleasant and therapist there are vigilant to our well being, making sure we don’t over do.

It’s been years since my recovery and me and my family still consults him for any other musculoskeletal problems.

I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needsa therapy for whatever reason.

Always be grateful
Khyati Kapoor.